Friday, August 19, 2016

How to be Photographed in a Group: 

PART I: Being part of Group photographs for Publications  and online media

  “It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter.”
Alfred Eisenstaedt

There may be a time when You may be asked to be part of a group photo for a publication or social media.

Here are a few examples and a few tips on how to come across the best you can and have fun in the process!

Human resource officers who won a contest are featured in a group photo shoot for a trade magazine in Grand Central Station NYC.
This photo shoot was taken using portable studio lighting and  a step ladder,  with my Nikon D3 camera. Everyone looks happy and attractive. Key points all dressed comfortable in solid colors, no distracting patterns or logos and listened to my directions to have fun and project like winners! Dress For Success-Have Fun-Listen to the photographer :)

Heineken Executives show product within a small group shot for a Beverage Magazine.
Pick clean, non-distracting  yet interesting background. Again this photo was taken with portable studio lighting (Norman and Dyna-lites) with D3 and step ladder to get the execs in the most even and dynamic arrangements.  Be willing Explore different Angles with your photographer!

Photojournalistic/Slice of life Commercial shoot: A family birthday party for Grandma. Pick Wardrobe: cheerful and muted. Capturing real moments within a studio type setting. The participants commited to the joy and reality of the party. Again portable studio lighting in a real environment, going for a "Norman Rockwell" Feel.   Tip: when being photographed in a real or simulated real location engaging with others will create a non-self conscious  and slice of life feel, fly on the wall image.

Susan Farley for the New York Times
While photographing The Guardian Angels in Yonkers, NY for the NY Times photographed this group shot after a few hours of following the guys on their rounds. The only set up shot was this one taken during a break and I wanted to include the group together in an "environmental" portrait on the streets.  Shot image using available daylight with a small blast of fill flash.   My favorite images are environmental portraits-combining subjects with the world they work and live in. Tip: look for interesting environments which add to the group portrait


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