Tuesday, April 6, 2010


The Carmans, active members of the City Island American Legion
Christine, City Island mom of two and arm wrestling champion

Children perform in community show Kiddy Kabaret

Boy Scouts are an important part of the youth culture on City Island

City Island is an Island in The Bronx, often described as "New England with a Bronx accent."
"City Island" is now also a movie starring and produced by Andy Garcia, and also starring Juliana Marguiles and Alan Arkin. The movie is a fun and touching take on a "dysfunctional" family of clam diggers .(The name given to residents who were born or have spent their entire lives on the Island)The movie also "stars" the Island.
I have recently added a gallery on my website http://susanfarley.com featuring 18 of the 49 portraits I shot for a personal project on the people of City Island, which I call "Faces of City Island." I exhibited at the Focal Point Gallery and the response was warm and wonderful. The show was reviewed by Time OutNY and I won a BRIO grant from the body of work.
I loved working on the images, setting up a studio with a plain background and inviting an assortment of locals to pose with outfits and personal items which said who they are.
My very last subject was our mailman "Tommy" who took a minute break from his postal rounds to step into my "Studio."