Sunday, January 31, 2010

"Forever Love"

"Forever Love" is a photo originally taken for a Valentine's Day story while on assignment for The New York Times. I continue to be amazed how the polar bears formed a heart shape as they grazed together at The Bronx Zoo.

Here is an excerpt from the story:
"Eugene Sautner likes to believe he was the first person to instigate a union in front of the Bronx Zoo's polar bears. It was a blustery January day in 1960 that Mr. Sautner, now 70, dragged his wife-to-be Mary Jane to the zoo. She greeted his question with another: Did you ask my mother first? The answer: I didn't think of that. (Both mother and daughter eventually gave their assent.) -(story credit "In City of Excess, No Theatrics Are Too Grand for 'Marry Me' By ANDREW JACOBS The New York Times)

The photo printed on canvas can be seen at the "Meaning of Love" group photo show at the Focal Point Gallery on 321 City Island Ave. , City Island, NY (718-885-1241). The show opening, which is open to the public, is on Friday February 5th from 7-10 and the show will run through the entire month of February.
My photo "Forever Love" will be for sale and the profits of a sale will be donated to The H.E.A.T. Foundation ( , an organization founded by a long-time friend of mine Ghislaine de Sanon, R.N. , is currently working in Haiti on many projects including one to help place orphans in adoptive and foster homes, to help extended families to keep and take care of children, and to get Haitian children back into school.