Thursday, December 30, 2010


photos by Susan Farley

As Most of you know NYC was pummeled with a fierce snow blizzard the day after Christmas 2010. The City was paralyzed by the snowstorm. I had a portrait shoot at the Columbia U Mailman School of Public Health and I parked a few blocks away in Washington Heights. It was quite the urban hiking adventure to get my photo equipment through the snowy and slushy streets, yet in the early evening when I returned to my car and drove down Audubon St. I saw this amazing snowman. Although there was a delivery truck double parked at the deli (behind me) , I quickly stopped my car and grabbed my camera for a quick shot, as I know that I would have regretted passing this one by.
So with all of the disasters and problems faced by New Yorkers in the Blizzard, somewhere On West 169th Street was a snowman with a corncob smile and black pail hat stopping traffic. A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011 to ALL!!!