Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Aidan's close-up

Aidan, my charming,yet often michievous cat jumps on the chair I had set up for part of a portrait shoot for my next-door neighbors, an actress and her psychologist husband, who both needed publicity portraits. Even though I am 99% an on-location photographer, this time it made perfect sense to set up in my home instead of loading and unloading my lighting equipment a few doors away. Aidan loved it as he had never been at a photo shoot before.
Aidan has given me an idea to possibly photograph local animals this way and donate the creative fees to a local shelter. Stay tuned..........

Friday, August 28, 2009

Rug Fanatic Commercial shoot

photo by Susan Farley
Kassandra Geddes, Rug Fanatic's owner and creator of custom-made rugs

photo by Susan Farley
Fun and mysterious photo tableaus for various rugs

photo by Susan Farley
Spontaneous, lively story-telling at home of rug designer Kassandra Geddes

Kassandra Geddes, is an innovative and creative rug designer who has a selection of her personalized rugs in her home. I was asked to create a fun, lively commercial campaign for Kassandra to be launched at a recent home design show in NYC.
The ideas for images flowed with the inspiration of each rug and mood. We experimented and took chances culminating in a creative photographic depiction of the energy of the rugs and the designer.

It was a fun shoot involving dynamic rugs, a creative and unique rug designer and two cats Cassandra and Autumn.

More photos from the shoot may be seen at under the portfolio New Commercial Work.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Commitment Ceremony

photo by Susan Farley

Chance and Rey exchange vows at their Commitment Ceremony in St. Paul's Chapel of Columbia U.

photo by Susan Farley
Couple at St. Paul's Chapel

photo by Susan Farley
Chance and Rey outside of the Chapel after their commitment ceremony.

On April 4th, 2009, Chance and Rey declared their commitment to each other in front of over 100 guests in St. Paul's Chapel of Columbia University in NYC.
I first met Chance when I photographed him for a NY Times freelance assignment. . He called me when the assignment ran and asked if I would photograph the church ceremony at St. Paul's.
Chance wore a tuxedo and Rey a suit when they made a dramatic entrance into the chapel as the doors opened and the bright sunlight blasted into the darkly lit chapel.
The ceremony included songs, readings and words from their wedding party. Two very young child guests surprised everyone when they walked onto the altar to stand with Chance and Rey. The moments added a sense of leviety and delight to the already upbeat mood within the Chapel.

They exited the Chapel with exhilaration, happy to have shared their vows and commitment to each other with their friend's and family.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

"People with Fur"

"Smiling Dog" photo by Susan Farley

"Kitten with rope" photo by Susan Farley

"Aidan on carpet "by Susan Farley

"Harry runs" photo by Susan Farley

There is a story in the City Room section of the NY Times online today(4/02/2009) , titled "Pets feel the Recession too."

"John Ziegler, co-founder of the Manhattan doggie gym with six locations called Biscuits and Bath, said he had never seen so many dogs abandoned by owners who had just spent thousands of dollars on them. " (NYT)

The photos in the story include two of the newly homeless pets, a chihauhau named "Peanuts", and a poodle named 'Coco' taken by John Ziegler who is trying to help find them new homes.

These pets don't care about grooming spas, fancy foods, and elegant collars, they just want to be with their owners, their best friends. It is a fact that pets are known to be very healthy additions to a person's life, reducing stress, giving continual unconditional love, and even lowering one's blood pressure.
The casting off of these furry friends like old furniture is nothing short of heartbreaking.
As a pet owner and a photographer I always look for the personality and soul in pets,which is why I like to call them "People with Fur." The pet images I photographed and posted above, are shown living in the moment, I hope they make you smile.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


"Rush Hour" photo by Susan Farley

" Life's a voyage that's homeward bound.", Herman Melville

Hello friends, Welcome to Photostalk.

Sometimes the story is obvious, other times it is subtle. A photograph’s tales are based on the interplay of the subject caught in a captured moment, the photographer's unique vision and then interpretated by the viewer's mind and emotions.
The photo above I shot in Grand Central Station in NYC called "Rush Hour" tells a story of a sole commuter being still for a split moment as the world around him rushes to their destinations. Yet, what feelings, thoughts, or memories does the image evoke for you?
I hope that you enjoy visiting Photostalk and please do share your thoughts.