Monday, September 12, 2011

A Unique Headshot session

What is a Headshot? A requirement for all actors and other performance professionals, corporate executives, politicians and just about anyone who needs to show who they are along with the printed word.  A boring, ordinary or poorly shot image reflects negatively on the subject.
A vivid, honest well produced moment-in-time of a unique person  reflects positively.

Photos by Susan Farley

Yes, this is a "headshot" session, having fun, being your best self and being in the moment creates the most genuine images.

While photographing Ghislaine I encouraged her to jump, move and create images in her mind which reflected in her expressions.

A spontaneous moment when a friendly NYPD officer stopped his car while on break and offered to help-!
photos by Susan Farley

Favorite portrait headshot from shoot-
Unique captured moment  showing subtext and depth of character.

Dramatic, honest and powerful image.
Ghislaine Sanon is a film, television and stage actress

The friendly commercial image
Loosening up for energy and focus.
Ghislaine is also a captivating talk show host.