Thursday, November 7, 2019

Corporate Events Part One

Subaru Interactive showcase at the Auto Show 2019  Javitts Center NYC   Corporate Event Photography   © Susan Farley 2019

Micheal C.Hall performs in the one day event Skittles: The Commercial  on Broadway NYC Corporate Event Photography ©Susan Farley 2019

Michael C. Hall and Broadway actors curtain Call for Skittles: The Musical Broadway NYC ©Susan Farley Photography 2019

The creation of Corporate Photography event coverage can be challenging, innovative and fun meanwhile providing the Corporate Event client with a variety of high-end story-telling images.   

My background as a newspaper and magazine photojournalist leads me to explore the various images offered with the choreographed yet spontaneous quality of an event.   Shown above are images from the gorgeous Subaru interactive showcase at the 2019 Car Show at the Javitts Center in NYC and the Skittles Musical /The Commercial, a one time only performance starring the multi-talented Michael C. Hall.  Both of these events push the envelope and dares to be different. Therefore as the photographer my job is to take the images to higher level yet keep the message and meaning of the event authentic.

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