Thursday, April 2, 2009

"People with Fur"

"Smiling Dog" photo by Susan Farley

"Kitten with rope" photo by Susan Farley

"Aidan on carpet "by Susan Farley

"Harry runs" photo by Susan Farley

There is a story in the City Room section of the NY Times online today(4/02/2009) , titled "Pets feel the Recession too."

"John Ziegler, co-founder of the Manhattan doggie gym with six locations called Biscuits and Bath, said he had never seen so many dogs abandoned by owners who had just spent thousands of dollars on them. " (NYT)

The photos in the story include two of the newly homeless pets, a chihauhau named "Peanuts", and a poodle named 'Coco' taken by John Ziegler who is trying to help find them new homes.

These pets don't care about grooming spas, fancy foods, and elegant collars, they just want to be with their owners, their best friends. It is a fact that pets are known to be very healthy additions to a person's life, reducing stress, giving continual unconditional love, and even lowering one's blood pressure.
The casting off of these furry friends like old furniture is nothing short of heartbreaking.
As a pet owner and a photographer I always look for the personality and soul in pets,which is why I like to call them "People with Fur." The pet images I photographed and posted above, are shown living in the moment, I hope they make you smile.

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