Thursday, November 7, 2019

Corporate Events Part One

Subaru Interactive showcase at the Auto Show 2019  Javitts Center NYC   Corporate Event Photography   © Susan Farley 2019

Micheal C.Hall performs in the one day event Skittles: The Commercial  on Broadway NYC Corporate Event Photography ©Susan Farley 2019

Michael C. Hall and Broadway actors curtain Call for Skittles: The Musical Broadway NYC ©Susan Farley Photography 2019

The creation of Corporate Photography event coverage can be challenging, innovative and fun meanwhile providing the Corporate Event client with a variety of high-end story-telling images.   

My background as a newspaper and magazine photojournalist leads me to explore the various images offered with the choreographed yet spontaneous quality of an event.   Shown above are images from the gorgeous Subaru interactive showcase at the 2019 Car Show at the Javitts Center in NYC and the Skittles Musical /The Commercial, a one time only performance starring the multi-talented Michael C. Hall.  Both of these events push the envelope and dares to be different. Therefore as the photographer my job is to take the images to higher level yet keep the message and meaning of the event authentic.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Memories of photographing a Saint

“Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.” Mother Teresa

I was assigned to photograph Mother Teresa who was visiting her Mission Sisters of Charity in The Bronx in 1995. She was blessing everyone in her path with her hand outstretched and touching heads. While I was photographing her she reached out and touched my head while saying a prayer she had been repeating. As she headed to her car a little girl from the neighborhood stood outside her seat and Mother Teresa reached out to bless her--the girl smiled at me, a day I'm sure she will never forget.

And now Mother Teresa has been granted sainthood and I honor the moment with sharing these two photos I photographed.

Mother Teresa in front of her Bronx Mission 1995

Mother Teresa blesses a little neighborhood girl before leaving her mission in The Bronx 1995

Monday, August 29, 2016

How to be Photographed in Your Environment Part I Women in enviromental portraits

  “A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it.”

Edward Steichen

The Environmental Portrait is my favorite, as along with photographing a unique and individual personality, the style and positionsing within the chosen environment tell the story of the person.

I took This photo of Helen Gurley Brown for the cover of the  New York Times Business Section.

Susan Farley Photography  Susan Farley Photography   2019
I photographed this artist for the New York Times for a story about Book Art and Book Artists, Here the subject holds a book she created and is photographed in front of the writer's cabin her husband built for her to work in.  The image tells the story of the author's book art creation with her storybook writers's cabin in the background filled with personality and uniqueness.
 I photographed this Environmental portrati of an artist in her upstate Barn turned gorgeous and spacious home for Wharton Alumni magazine.

A croquet player in this story-telling portrait I photographed for the NY Times for a story about private Croquet courts at people's homes.

 An environmental portrait of a Gyn.OB doctors in her office for a NY Times story  2019

 An environmental portrait of an Estee Lauder executive in her office for a Quinniapac U. Alumni Magaine story

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

How to be Photographed in a Group shot Part II

“A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people.”
Annie Leibovitz

Certainly great photographers like Leibovitz bring an energy to their photographs and subjects.  The most important quality a people photographer can have is the love and understanding of People.

I am presenting a few more examples of group  images I have created (as opposed to individual portraits) where you as a potential photo subject can gather ideas of how to enjoy and be present within the group.

Female executives pose for a cover story of a trade magazine.
Each person is fully engaged in the moment and responding to directions. The group looks cohesive yet strongly individual.
Tip-In this photo shoot there was a hair and make-up artist employed.  For an important planned group shot, consider the appearance you want to portray.

Commercial shoot capturing a slice of life scenario. Here is a multi-generational birhday party scene for a senior living retirement organization. True engagement in a mutual activity creates a fun dynamic image, with emotion and personality.

A group photo of co-workers taken after each one had there individual portrait taken. A unified and focused engagement while forgetting about the photographic result created a relaxed and joyful group shot.

While photographing at Good Morning America, the audience lost any self-conciousness and engaged in a puppy for adoption created a sweet moment of this group. Photographed using the available TV lighting.

Impromptu Group shot, While photographing the Global Arts groups' visit to Governor's Island  the beautiful lighting of the City inspired me to request the group to gather for a group shot.  They did a great job of assembling with only a few partially hidden, as they could not hear my suggestions and was a brief few minutes.
Tip--If you are in a group situation and are even partially behind another person, try to move do that you can fully see the photographer.

Friday, August 19, 2016

How to be Photographed in a Group: 

PART I: Being part of Group photographs for Publications  and online media

  “It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter.”
Alfred Eisenstaedt

There may be a time when You may be asked to be part of a group photo for a publication or social media.

Here are a few examples and a few tips on how to come across the best you can and have fun in the process!

Human resource officers who won a contest are featured in a group photo shoot for a trade magazine in Grand Central Station NYC.
This photo shoot was taken using portable studio lighting and  a step ladder,  with my Nikon D3 camera. Everyone looks happy and attractive. Key points all dressed comfortable in solid colors, no distracting patterns or logos and listened to my directions to have fun and project like winners! Dress For Success-Have Fun-Listen to the photographer :)

Heineken Executives show product within a small group shot for a Beverage Magazine.
Pick clean, non-distracting  yet interesting background. Again this photo was taken with portable studio lighting (Norman and Dyna-lites) with D3 and step ladder to get the execs in the most even and dynamic arrangements.  Be willing Explore different Angles with your photographer!

Photojournalistic/Slice of life Commercial shoot: A family birthday party for Grandma. Pick Wardrobe: cheerful and muted. Capturing real moments within a studio type setting. The participants commited to the joy and reality of the party. Again portable studio lighting in a real environment, going for a "Norman Rockwell" Feel.   Tip: when being photographed in a real or simulated real location engaging with others will create a non-self conscious  and slice of life feel, fly on the wall image.

Susan Farley for the New York Times
While photographing The Guardian Angels in Yonkers, NY for the NY Times photographed this group shot after a few hours of following the guys on their rounds. The only set up shot was this one taken during a break and I wanted to include the group together in an "environmental" portrait on the streets.  Shot image using available daylight with a small blast of fill flash.   My favorite images are environmental portraits-combining subjects with the world they work and live in. Tip: look for interesting environments which add to the group portrait


Wednesday, September 12, 2012



SUSAN FARLEY PHOTOGRAPHY  has been selected to exhibit her photography at the
 "Celebrities  : We Remember Them Well Exhibition at ARTSWESTCHESTER 31 Mamaroneck Ave. White Plains, NY
  the opening Reception is on 6-8:30 on 9-20-2012
RSVP for 9/20 Thursday opening Reception at 914-428-4220
The exhibit will be on view 9-21-2012-11 thru 11-10 2012 gallery hours Tues-Sat 12-5PM

Susan will be showing six of her fine art celebrity portraits at the show.
 The following are some of the images which will be shown. 
Susan is among 25 reknowed  photographers showing at the exhibit.
 The show is  terrific and I hope that you can come to the opening or to the gallery during the exhbition.  

 BILLY JOEL      © Susan Farley Photography

HELEN GURLEY BROWN © Susan Farley Photography

COLIN POWELL © Susan Farley Photography

Mother Teresa ©Susan Farley Photography

Friday, December 30, 2011

Laughter at Play  by Susan Farley                           

Dear Friends:
"Nothing Great Has Ever Been Accomplished Without Enthusiasm" 
Ralph Waldo Emerson 
Wishing you a New Year 2012 filled with greatness and enthusiasm